Thursday, 5 February 2009

All is fair?

To the 4 betrayers

How could you stoop so slow? Have you no pride? Do you REALLY think back in March, people voted you because they actually want YOU? Orang vote ikut party la doboh.

To BN,

I wonder what perks you offered this time. If you want to win the people back, do it right. What you resorted to is simply SICK and UNETHICAL

To PR,

I’m surprised you are so mad. You poked them too hard. Federal government entah ke mana, Perak Government entah ke mana. Tu la tak sabar sangat. Now that you’ve tasted your own poison, it ain’t very sweet is it?

People chose fairly in March. If you want to take over anything, wait for the next GE. Same goes for you, Anwar.

But then again,

All’s fair in love and war…and politics

Except di akhirat of course.

Good to know there’s always that one last chance of justice


aween lia-na said...

na baca paper kalau boleh everyday, dah couldnt be bothered dah to know rasa politik kita dah lama pelik

i know i shudnt be an ignorant brat, tapi seriusly, na rasa kalau baca, serius tah papa. orang miskin byk lagik kat mesia tu, kerajaan dok sebuk ngan satu negeri nih


wan syamir said...

org mlaysia n politik...
-buang masa ==> setiap hari kes baru, no ending
-buang duit ==> org kampung perabih duit minyak dengaq ceramah, satu sen pon depa x untung, syok dengaq ja.
-buang tenaga ==> org p penat penat undi, tp yg calon yg lawan tu bukan peduli pon, depa nak isi perut sendiri..sebab tu suka lompat parti.

conclusion ==> politik malaysia buang karan ==> malaysia will be better kalu guna duit, masa n tenaga untuk benda lain.

syigha said...
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syigha said...

tu ah..

mai kekla la run for PM
Dalam manifesto kekla mengaku siap siap,
sapa vote Kekla janji jadi millionaire in 6 months :P