Sunday, 31 January 2010

Boredom + Internet = Google Image!

Ok, Kekla boring sangat tadi so kekla start google image nama family kita. look what i found!!


This liana climbs up and around another plant to reach the canopy where it spreads its leaves to catch the light.

Tu la na. mama letak nama na sempena nama pokok sebab hati na keras macam pokok and rambut na macam akar pokok hehehehe


I don't know why googling Jek's name came up with a picture of FHM's 35th sexiest female on earth. Adakah Jek akan berkahwin dengan Nadine? hmmmmmmm


Apparently it's a new UK based Womenswear Label. Cool betoi. Cheit


Monkeyin' around in Youngin Korea this week was seven-year-old trained chimpanzee, Rudi, who is learning how to play golf during 'the animal wonder stage' at the world famous Everland Amusement Park.

Rudi is not only attracting more guests, he's attracting thousands of viewers on the Internet.

err...i know Abudi played basketball in High School, never knew he trained in golf too...heheheh

Place and DOB: First gorilla born at Zoo Atlanta, March 15, 1989
Fun Facts: At 345 pounds, Kekla is a very large silverback. His name means “dawn” in Bawanese (a West African language). He is very friendly.
Favorite Food: Kekla’s least favorite food is onions.

Ceh. They named a gorilla after my name. Hampeh. (or abah named me after a gorilla? that's even worse!)


mmmm SUZIE's HOT!!

I'm married to a GEEK!

When i fell in love with Bude, i thought i was falling for this macho, sporty, cool guy. And guess what he turned out to be...? A GEEK! (and he’s proud of it!!)

Nak bukti?

1.A few months ago he had a fall from his bike, so sustained some open wounds. After a week the wound was getting better and less painful.

Satu hari tu dia tengok tangan kanan, then kiri, then kanan, then kiri....

Tiba tiba dia kata dengan serious

“Sayang i rasa i ada darah Wolverine la. Tengok cepat betul luka i baik”


2.Lately Bude asyik dok main comp game ni. Pastu game ni cakap banyak sangat sampai Kekla pun rimas.

Ada awek (character game) ni dok potpoetpotpet cakap banyak gila so Kekla pun kata la

“Ape game you ni cakap banyak. Lawan dah la buatpe nak sembang”.

Bude reply “ I kene ambik hati, ngorat awek ni, borak borak layan die kasi die suke kat i. Kalau tak nanti dia lari”

I was like...what???!

Seriously, should i be worried that he's trying to chat up a fictional character, or relieved that he’s not chatting up a real girl?


Geek pun geek la, dah tersangkut kat geek, apa nak buat

Anyway that geek will be leaving me for 4 days to go to China sob sob sedeynyeeeeeeee
Terpaksalah daku tidor di hostel hospital and makan nasik bungkus. takbesnyaaaaaaa urghhhhh


Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Ok disclaimer ni dibuat khas untuk Kid

1. All doctors are smart( kembang kempis kembang kempis hidung ) and orthopaedic surgeons are doctors, hence they are, by default, smart. (puji diri sendiri nyiahahaha)

2. Keja ortho ni very mechanical and technical. So kena power practical skills. As oppose to physicians yang kena banyak pikiaq theory

3.So orang physician ni slalu prasan depa pandai aaa konon (sebab aku nak jadi physician so aku pun perasan aku pandai)

4.Orang ortho ni pulak jenis rileks and lepak. And depa tau orang physician ni perasan lagi pandai and depa tak peduli . Bukti? Joke no 1 was actually told by an orthopaedic MO!

5. You know how the majority of doctors are skema and nerds (me not included, of course)? Well the few which are not,end up as orthopaedic surgeons!

5.Doctors yang HENSEM HENSEM and lepak lepak and cool cool, banyak jadi orthopaedic surgeons. HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE

6.Tapi kesimpulannya, MO ortho aku banyak yang pandai, terer, baik, cool, rileks, lepak and supper best.

hehehe now, is there any chance that ALL my ortho MO's would read this post? hmmmmm

syigha. (not kekla ok sebab post ni untuk KID)