Saturday, 20 February 2010

pinggan mangkuk

Ingat tak dulu Kekla penah cita pasai Miss Mangkuk..everytime orang masuk ortho akan ada mangkuk count. Pastu Kekla penah pegang record xdak mangkuk langsung....?

Well that record is about to change.

Kekla tinggai 3 hari ja lagi kat Ortho ni. So Kekla belagak aa kat nurses and housemen yang Kekla x penah kena mangkuk. Power siut kan?

Tiba2 si Mangkuk ni mai...buat round

Nampak macam senyum good mood kot. Ok...this is possibly my last round with her ever...what are the chances of me getting a mangkuk right? I only have 3 freaking days left.Plus people say she’s changed.

MM (Miss Mangkuk): Patient ni demam tak?
Kekla: Deman, 39 degrees .
MM: So what have you done?
Kekla: I’ve taken some bloods, changed his antibiotics blablablabla his blood result came back blablabla
MM: You tested for urine?
Me: no
MM:NO? What do you mean NO? You xde otak ke? potpetpotpet Ni yang buat i marah ni. Doktor macam ni la yang saya panggil...

Mulut terbukak. Oh dear. It’s coming out. Wait for it..Wait for iiiiittt........

MM: Mangkooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

*tingggggg round 1. Mangkuk count: 1 *

MM: Dulu masa i HO, i bagus potpetpotpet Tak payah tunggu MO order baru nak buat keja. I cekap. Sebab i’m a good doctor potpetpotpetpot. I use my brain. Potpetpot

Buruk beno muke pompuan ni

MM: So what do you think we should send for?
Me:We could send for Blood C&S, UFEME, Urine C&S...
MM:UFEME? What the hell can you get from there? Do you have any brains?Potpetpotpetp

Ish tebainya mulut dia ni. Dah la tak pakai mekap langsung. I mean i know I don’t wear makeup either, but im easily 1000x prettier than her. God...that’s an ugly baju

MM: Oiii im talking to you. Nak hantar ape?

oh shit. I wasn’t listening.

Me: Hantar UFEME

MM: Awak dengar tak saya cakap apa tadi. Itula dah kata....

Oh no it’s coming out again...i can see her teeth. Yellow and hideous. Here it comes


*tingggg round 2. Mankok count: 2* sigh...

MM: Ha dah ada otak dah?
Me:(angguk angguk) ade..(hehe menjawap)

MM:Cube you pakai otak sikit. Otak ade taknak pakai. U rasa apa sebab die demam?

Patient ni Nampak macam nak nangis dah. Nenek dia dah menggeletar tangan

Me: His lungs are clear potpetpotpoet big wound potpeot sensitivity to vanco potpeotpotpet antiobiotic resistant popoeptopetpotpeotpeotpeotpeotpeotpeopepeotepeotpeot. SO I THINK IT’S FROM THE WOUND. Slurrrrrrp (tarik ayaq liuq)

Ha padan muka. ingat hang sorang ja boleh cakap banyak?aku pun cakap banyak

MM: Macam ni la houseman. Cakap ja pandai.

Me: (smile panjang panjang)


*tingggg round 3. Mankok count: 3*

sigh...didn't see that one coming...

So there u go. 3months in ortho i never had any. On my last 3 days i got 3 mangkuks within 30mins. I don’t know what my lucky number is, but it definitely is not 3! :P

Monday, 8 February 2010


PETALING JAYA (Feb 7, 2010): Newly-graduated doctors may soon need to serve the government for only four instead of five years now.

At present, they must serve two years housemanship and three years compulsory government service.

Health minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the government was considering reducing the period of compulsory service to two years.

He refuted claims that the ministry had planned to double the period of compulsory service to 10 years. "The suggestion is not practical at all.

We must make it attractive for doctors to join the service. We cannot force them to work," he said.

Liow said by reducing the term of compulsory service, young doctors will feel they are not tied down, and may want to stay on, adding that the ministry will monitor if the change causes any shortage in doctors.

"We have 300 to 400 doctors leaving us every year. However, we are confident that it won't leave us with a reduction in doctors as we have an increase in new housemen, from 700 in 2007, to 3,000 last year," he said.

Liow also said that housemen can from now on be assured they would get ample rest as the ministry had taken note of their complaints of being overworked.

"I made a ruling that all housemen on-call through the night are to work until noon the following day to hand over the job to other doctors, giving them ample time to rest and study," said Liow.

A circular to this effect which was sent to all government hospitals last month, stipulates that new housemen would undergo a two-week tagging period with a senior houseman or medical officer, from 7.30am to 10pm daily for six days a week, with a day off.

"If a houseman has been on call through the night, he or she can only work until noon the next day. After that they have to be given a break so they can rest," he said.

"Housemen can no longer work for 48 hours without a break. It has been made clear to all hospitals," he said.

Meanwhile, Liow said returning specialists would be exempted from compulsory service if they met certain criteria.

"They must be more than 40 years old, and offering a specialty we need," he said after launching B-Nes Sdn Bhd, a company processing birds nest products.

Liow said measures were being taken to alleviate a shortage of specialists in government hospitals. "We have only 2,500 specialists in all fields. We are working hard to produce more specialists and sub-specialists," he said, adding that the ministry had also recruited traditional and complementary medicine specialists, some from China, to lighten the workload at government hospitals.

He also said that under the Asean Free Trade Area (Afta) 2010 agreement, Malaysia would open its doors to foreign doctors.

"They must partner with a local doctor, and the maximum share that a foreign doctor can hold is 70%," he said, adding that before Afta, foreign doctors were allowed to have 50% stake.


Hmmmm....boleh balik after lunch...and they said the circular was given last month. How come no one knew a thing about it?