Saturday, 31 October 2009

The other night

Bude and I are both on a week’s leave, so we decided to go back to Jitra. We decided to sleep in the guest room so that Bude doesn’t have to share toilet with Suzie and Suzie doesn’t have to wear tudung all the time and Bude doesn’t have to close his eyes whenever he sees Suzie without tudung blablabla.

But as you know, the guest room doesn’t have a fan. So we had to use the aircond which is belarrdi cold.

The first night we set the temperature at 23 degrees. It was so freezing cold that even my ears got cramps while my bones were so frozen I couldn’t even move my limbs. Bude on the other hand started to have runny nose the following day sokseksoksek (konon tersiksa sebab sejuk la tu)

So naturally on the second night, we changed the aircond setting to FAN.

But it turned out to be soooooo hot. Serious Kekla takleh tidoq tau. It was soo hot that my shirt was drenched in sweat. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night to wipe off sweat from my body.

I tried to change the mode back to aircond, but the remote control was too high tech, none of the buttons I pressed worked. (later I found out the buttons didn’t work because battery habis)

So I woke Bude up to help me. That's what husbands are for, right? To help their wives, right?

Sayang tolong betulkan aircond ni please

Krohh krohh krohhhhh

Sayangg tolong please I panas sangat ni

Krohh krohhhh krohhhhh

Sayaaaanngggg pleaseeee I takleh tido ni peluh peluhhh ni

Krooohhh krooohh krooooooh kroooohh

(Bengang) “ Sayaaanggg tolongla I takreti guna remote ni I dan tekan tak boleh jugak I panas gile peluh peluh asik takleh tidur panas ni selimut tebal potpetpotpet remote xleh pakai potpet peluh potpetpotpet panas

Ala you jangan la selimut krohh krohhh


Achumm! Sokseksoksek- bunyi hingus konon sejuk sangat la tu sampa hingus banyak

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii geram betuih Kekla.

So I turned my back on him. I threw the blanket and the pillows ON him hahaha padan muka biar dia panas.

I moved myself and slept on the far end of the bed (it was a king sized bed) so that he can’t hug me in his sleep. Super bengang ni tau.

Dengan penuh susah payah, and dengan penuh bengang,I forced myself to sleep.


Next morning, i told him what happened . Guess what his reaction was?

Hahahahahaha I tak sedar pun!!!

Serius you merajuk ngan I, I tak sedar pun hahahha

tah pape la you ni hahaha

Tu la you dependant kat I sangat ,nak betulkan remote pun kene suruh I hahaha


eh tapi power la I dalam tak sedar pun boleh bagi jawapan logic haha. Logic ape, kalau panas buat ape selimut hahaha. Waa I memang pandai dalam tido boleh berfikiran rasional. Terer la husband you , you x bangga kehusband terer cam ni hahaha

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii geramnyaaaa kita bukan main marah satu malam, dia x sedaq pun and siap gelak lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Sesi mengutuk MO

There is this MO. She picks on me soo much! I don’t know why…she even remembers my name (and not other housemen’s~!). There were 2 housemen that day, me and another girl, tapi dia dok potpetpotpet beleteq kat Kekla sorang, iiii benci betui!!!!

Why do some people like to talk so much? Beleeeeteqqqqqq mengalahkan orang tua.

Let me tell you guys a trick. When it’s your turn to be a houseman, and you get bombarded by MO’ are some ways on how to deal with it

1.Pray that all the bad things would happen to them

This is the exact sms I sent to Bude 5 mins after that MO shouted at me

“ Menyampahnya kena marah ngan MO F**** tu. She’s stupid. Hideous, old, ugly, and I hate her. I pray she’ll stay stupid n ugly – FTUGLY (F**** sTUpid Ugly) ”

Of course it was only later that night Bude told me that Fugly has a different meaning, and it involves a swear word that starts with n F. Oh well, I guess she deserves that too! muahahaha evil laugh

Yes yes, I know. Doa menjatuhkan orang lain tak makbul. Tapi doa orang yang teraniaya tu mujarab kan kan kan? Cewah baru time ni nak bedoa

2 Imagine funny weird things about that person

This is Mama’s way.

Bila ada orang beleter, imagine that person in naked. Dengan perut berlipat lipat, pastu buncit, pastu pusat jenis terbonjol ke depan, pastu ada rambut keliling pusat, pastu bontot leper and lendut, pastu penuh ngan stretch mark pastu ada bulu kaki berpintal pintal…

Ofcourse,to put cherries on top, you have to imagine yourself having a hot body like angeline jolie. Well, Na, YOU have to imagine that. I, on the other hand, already have it hehehehe

3. Laugh at that person’s misfortune….or better still, spread them!

There was once this MO (that I absolutely hate) talking to another doctor, and I was there like a wall, totally being ignored. For some reason this MO told the other doctor that she has buasir!! Wooot??! Why in the world would you tell people that you have buasirrrr???????

Trust me, it took less than 5 minutes for the whole of labour room to know about it! Nyiahahahaha im meaaaaannnnnnn nyuhuhu (but she deserved it)

I hope this MO stumbles into my blog one day…

Cuba bayangkan.. dia baca baca pasai Kekla benci one MO…she'd be like..hmm i wonder which MO she hates so much....and turns out that MO has a buasir..and she’d be like….hmm MO mana aa ada buasir..jeng jeng jeng...oh shoot, that’s me! wakakakkaka

Yesterday I fried karipap (karipap frozen), cooked lunch and dinner. And today I fried mee for dinner and made bread and butter pudding with custard for desert. I also cleaned the toilet and played Mario on Wii. Feels like a perfect housewife! hehe

Till then,

PS: Jek, Na, call la Kekla weekend ni ok?