Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pakaian Cinta

I was told a pretty funny joke by one of the penceramahs. It goes like this..

Satu hari tu...sorang mak ni pi lawat ghumah anak laki dia, baru kawin 3 bulan. Sampai sampai tengok pintu dia tak kunci...anak laki dia pi kedai kot. So mak ni pun masuklaa terus pi dapuq..

Yang si anak menantu ni pulak, she was having a shower. Taktau la pulak mak metua dia mai. Mandi mandi dengan tak pakai baju..dia terus turun pi dapuq.

Masuk masuk dapuq...tekejut bangat la dia nampak mak metua. Tak sempat nak lari. Kantoi busuk punya.

Mak metua kata... “Awat hang loqlaq sangat ni jalan tak pakai baju?”

Dengan kavernya dia kata “mak...inilah pakaian cinta mak..

Mak dia pun kata.. “ish hang ni...buat malu ja pi pakai baju

Bila petang..

Mak ni pun balikla ghumah dia. Tapi fikiran dia asyik teringat kata kata anak menantu dia

Hmmm...pakaian cinta ek...hmmmmm menarik konsep tu

So mak pun fikir fikir nak cuba kat suami dia. Lepas isyak...mak dia dengaq bunyi gate dibuka. Pak aji dah balik dari surau..

Mak pun cepat cepat bukak baju...

and duduk atas sofa kat ruang tamu..

Pak aji pun masuk rumah...

Kuncikan grill...

Tutup pintu rumah..

Mak duduk dengan gaya manja...

Bagi senyuman paling sexy...

Pak aji terkejut.

Pak aji kata

Mah..awat hang loqlaq ni tak pakai baju??”

Mak kata

Abang...inilah pakaian cinta bang...

Mak senyum lagi dengan semanis manisnya...

Pak aji berkata

Mah....aku tak kira la pakaian cinta ka, pakaian apa.....................




Lama tak update...dok berkursus kat Langkawi ni..tapi tengok tengok blog ni....nampaknya nobody missed me :(

Anyway Kekla dah dapat placement...Kekla dapat...jeng jeng..HOSPITAL KUALA LUMPUR!

I’m happy..sebelah ngan menara PNB ja. Lunch time ka boleh sneak out paksa Bude makan ngan Kekla hehe

Anyway it has been 2 weeks now. BM kekla dah bunyi macam Indon. I'm having fun but i miss Bude so much...should've sneaked him into my luggage and brought him here!

5 days of BTN to go, then we'll be reunited :) :)


Kekla <3>

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nenek pergi BTN

In less than a week, Kekla kena attend orientation programme and a freaking BTN. Im so not looking forward to it

Orientation apa tah sampai 18 hari. Malas betuiiiiiiii. Nasib baik kat hotel.

And BTN!! Aaaaa sekali pi tak cukup kaaa…malas betui la nak kena kawad pagi pagi, then sure kena jungle trekking..pastu kena pilih nama kumpulan berdasarkan tokoh kebangsaaan, lukis bendera kumpulan, then tulis misi dan visi kumpulan….bluweeeeeekkkk

And at one point, they’ll trick you into writing on your group flag. Kalau tak tulis, kita lawan cakap ketua, kalau tulis kita tak menghormati bendera.

Or make us write our aspirations on a paper then suruh kita pijak. Kalau tak pijak lawan cakap, kalau pijak kita menghancurkan impian sendiri.

Oh god….it’s gonna be the loooonnnngest 3 weeks of my life.

The worst thing about this is having to leave Bude..adoi berat sungguh hati ku. How in the world did we survive not seeing each other for 11 months..? I have no idea.. (actually I do, with lots of tears skype and webcams! hehe)

I mean, I’m a super cool, hot chick. I’m sure I can survive being away from him for 3 weeks. But can he? I mean, sure Bude rindu gila kat Kekla sampai nangis nangis tengah malam kan kan kan? Hehe

Maybe kalau tak kawin lagi, boleh gak nak usya doktor ka, pakcik askar btn ka, abang kantin ka..

Banyak keja tak siap lagi ni. That include, cook Bude’s favourite meals, freeze them, clean the toilets, clean the whole house, change the bedspread and pillowcases, wash all his office clothes, iron them, and finally, TEACH BUDE HOW TO USE THE WASHING MACHINE.

I think he can still remember how to cook rice..



Ps: this reminds me of the time i had to leave Bude in 4th year. Kekla menangis horror gila atas plane. And sepanjang tu ada makcik indon ni dok usya senyum senyum tengok Kekla. Syok pulak tengok orang sedih. Sebok betui. Mentang mentang suami dia ada sebelah.You are fat, old and yugly. hahahaha ( i didnt actually think or her that way..sedih sangat sampai sembunyi muka dalam selimut)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

All is fair?

To the 4 betrayers

How could you stoop so slow? Have you no pride? Do you REALLY think back in March, people voted you because they actually want YOU? Orang vote ikut party la doboh.

To BN,

I wonder what perks you offered this time. If you want to win the people back, do it right. What you resorted to is simply SICK and UNETHICAL

To PR,

I’m surprised you are so mad. You poked them too hard. Federal government entah ke mana, Perak Government entah ke mana. Tu la tak sabar sangat. Now that you’ve tasted your own poison, it ain’t very sweet is it?

People chose fairly in March. If you want to take over anything, wait for the next GE. Same goes for you, Anwar.

But then again,

All’s fair in love and war…and politics

Except di akhirat of course.

Good to know there’s always that one last chance of justice

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Topik Rojak #2

Serious matter

For all of you out there who cares (ada la dalam 3-4 orang hehe) I’ve been called to pay my service. Meaning, I’ll start working soon.

Induction starts on the 15th of this month in Langkawi, continued with BTN on the 28th, in Yan Kedah

Adoiii ada mobile reception ka at those places? I’m gonna miss my husband! Dah la xleh balik weekend, baru ingat nak cau balik Jitra..

Apple in the eye

Lupa nak habaq, Mama and Abah bought me a microwave oven. Hadiah kawin. Apparently it’s the most expensive in the store. Tu yang tak berenti dok bakaq ikan la, buat lasagna will be baking cakes and muffins.

My point is, did mama buy YOU the most expensive microwave oven? Ha? JEK and NA?

Apparently NOT

Maksudnya Mama lagi sayang Kekla dari Jek and Na hahahahahahahahhhahaha sila jeles.



What is worse than being dumped by a guy?

Before I tell you the aswer, let me tell you a story. TRUE story

There was this boy I met 4 years ago. We first locked eyes in a hospital in Bristol, or rather that was the first time I laid my eyes on him. He just looked straight through me, as if I didn’t exist. But for me, that was better than nothing.

So that started our relationship. We hung out, laughed, ate together. I spent some late nights at his place, just so that I could be woken up the next day by his gentle touch.

I fell for him instantly.

I mean, who wouldn't?

He was the most beautiful thing ever created on earth.

His laugh lifted my spirit, his eyes captured my soul, his kisses were wet and full of passion, and his words…they melted my heart. I waited for him to tell me he loved me, and when he did, it sent me flying straight to seventh heaven.

And then I left for Malaysia.

And he met someone new.

Someone close to me who betrayed me.

She, who could never love him the way I do.

She, whom I consider to be my own sister.








He met NA!

Na, I can’t believe you stole Ciman from me!! I found him first!!!

Ciman, how could you've forgotten me???????

Which aunt was there first when you were born?

Which aunt played with you when you were small and others were too scared to hold you?

Which aunt babysitted you a thousand times, cooked for you, took you out on outings, played with you, bathed you, changed your diapers, and WATCHED POWER RANGERS EVERYDAY FROM 7AM to 8PM UNTIL SHE MEMORISED THE THEME SONGS?????????

Aaaaaaaaaa I’m so stressed!

I bet Na tak sayang sangat Ciman tu. Saja nak curi Ciman sebab jeles tak dapat microwave oven paling mahal dalam store.

Your name Ti Na was derived from MY NAME, for goodness sake. I bet that was your plan to confuse him. I can’t believe I trusted you Na and you stole him.

This is a conspiracy!

Kak Myra, cepat pindah balik Malaysia. I can’t wait to win Ciman back, even if it means I have to be his slave! I’ll even offer Faiz@Chot to be your gardener, F.O.C!

To Ciman, i will always love you..forever and ever and ever and forever ever ever forever

Us during the good times

So, What is worse than being dumped by a guy?
Answer: Being dumped by a BOY!

Ps: Na, bukan ada affair ngan Pakcik Zaini ka? Buatpa tukaq, dia lagi sesuai untuk Na…romantic gitu…naik keta meh-ceh-dis lagi..

Monday, 2 February 2009

Mari Makannnn!!

lama betui tak menulis sori yeee banyak sangat cerita sampai jadi takdak cerita

tapi tu semua cerita lain kali

kali ni Kekla nak berkongsi berita gembira

jeng jeng jennnnngggggggggggggg




jeng jeng jengggggggggg...




INVENT recipe!!!

so mari kita berkongsi kejayaan Kekla

Preparation time: berdasarkan kehandalan tukang masak (i.e Kekla lembab gila)
Serves: 4

peerghhhh nampak sedap gila meleleh leleh ayaq liurku
Red Sauce

Daging or ayam cincang
Broccoli potong kecik kecik
Carrot potong slices then potong 4
Bawang besar 1 or 2 (depending on size)
Bawang putih 3
Halia 1 inch
Cili kering 15
Lada hitam 1 sudu kecil
Tomato puree
Spagetti sauce dalam tin (optional)
Mixed italian herbs 1/2 sudu kecil (optional)

1.Rebus carrot and broccoli saaaat ja, dalam 2-3 minit, drain and put aside
2.Mesin bawang besar, garlic, halia, cili kering, lada hitam.
3. Panas minyak and tumis bahan mesin for about 15-20 minutes, tambah air kalau kering sangat.
4.Masukkan daging or ayam cincang
5. Bila daging almost masak, masuk carrot and broccoli
6. Masuk tomato puree and spagetti sauce, about 3-4 spoons each
7. Tambah garam, gula, mixed herbs and chicken stock, adjust bagi rasa pedas and masam masam

White sauce

Butter 2 sudu besar
Plain flour 2 sudu besar
Susu 3 cawan
Grated Mozzarella or cheddar cheese segenggam
Black pepper

1. Panaskan butter
2.Bila butter cayaq, masuk tepung gaul sampai rata
3. SLow down the heat, add in the milk, kacau sampai pekat. Adjust bagi white sauce sama banyak ngan red sauce, kalau tak cukup simply add milk
4.Bila cukup pekat, tambah cheese and kacau sampai semua cheese tak beketul. Add salt, black pepper.

The Baking
1. Preheat oven to 180'. Line the baking tray with aluminium foil
2.Sapu 1 layer of red sauce on the tray. Then white sauce, then arrange the lasagne sheets.
3. Continue arranging red sauce-white sauce-lasagne sheets . Make sure the lasagne sheets are covered well with the red sauce 0n top.
4. Finish with the white sauce on top. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and italian herbs kalau ada.
5. Bake for 30-40 minutes

Haf fun trying! It sounds quite hard, but it actually is simple and yummy!


Ps: maybe lepas ni kalau tak larat nak jadi dokter boley la bukak restaurant hehehehe
Pss: lasagne sheets tu masak ikut arahan belakang kotak okeh? i suggest u buy jenis yang takyah rebus, terus masuk oven