Friday, 25 September 2009

Babies and me

For the past 26 years of my life , I thought I love kids. I mean, im AMAYZING with kids. Kids love me. Im a KID MAGNET. Seriously. Any kid would be lucky to have me as their sister / aunt/ cousin/ neighbour.

I loved kids so much, I freaking got into medicine in the first place wanting to do paediatrics.

But as Bude said, my true self came out in the last 2 weeks.

I cant believe I’m saying this…but kid patients are driving me nuts!!! Seriously macam orang gila sakit kepala.

Currently im taking care of the newborns.

And each morning I have to examine these babies.

The problem is I like to talk, and as we all know, babies don’t talk.

Which drives me nuts because MO’s don’t talk to me cause they think I’m stupid, nurses don’t talk to me because they are just not bothered, and i dont talk to parents because they are..erm..annoying hehe.

So I end up talking to the wall, or not talking for a freaking whole day.

For someone who has a big mouth like me…Lenguh weeeeeiiii!

And then comes the examination part.

Imagine 20 babies lined next to each other. All sleeping quietly.

Slowly and gracefully I take out the first baby’s dress so that I can check his lungs. Out of the sudden,

Baby terkejut. Bukak mulut. Oh dear oh dear. Please don’t –

SHRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK and the baby cries on top of his lungs.

Which startles and wakes the baby next to him, who would then start crying on top of HIS lungs.

Which then startles the baby next to him and next and next and next

Tup tup macam dominos, within 2 seconds, the whole ward cries!!!!

AAAAAA mau pekak telinga daku~~~!!!

Adakah kanak kanak ini rasa semua ini suatu pertandingan menyanyi. Oh Tuhan…

Their cries are so high pitched I think my brain bleeds every morning.


The conclusions are:

  1. Although babies are small, their lungs are big and their cries might kill you in an instant.
  2. The only way I would be a newborn specialist is if my brain bleeds too much causing me to be deaf.
  3. My own children better be cute, smart, and CRY-LESS
  4. If my children are not CRY-LESS, I’ll sell them. Hahahahha
OK chiow. slamat hari raya. sampai hati tak call Kekla noh . ingat dosa tak banyak ka? ha?



wan syamir said...

selamat raya, maaf zahir batin....aritu patut dah text semua org...abeh kredit teruih...raya sebulan sempat lagi nak call ni

aween said...


na msg kekla, tapi kekla kata "kekla kakak tkley mintak maap dkt org lagi muda"

bunyi bongkak gila

isk isk

p/s : kak liyana ngandungggggggggggggg!!