Sunday, 14 June 2009

Weddings and Gifts

Here is the list of my favourite wedding gifts, for future reference if any of you are getting married, and don’t know what to ask from your family/friends/boss. (Kid, please take note)


Item: Water heater

Given by: Kekwa and Abg Zahrul

Kelebihan: You don’t have to suffer in the morning, especially if you live in my apartment where the water is freezing.

Kekurangan: Remember my stupid washing machine? I think they both are forming a team to turn me crazy. Last week…everytime I shower…the heater somehow doesn’t work. It’s belardi freezing at 6am!!! I had to count to 3 then baca Bismillah then lompat masuk bawah air.Tapi bila Bude shower, which is right after me,the heater is ok. Psycho takkk??!!! Nak sepak mcm washing machine tak boleh…tinggi sangat…


Item: Free accommodation for honeymoon, any where in the world

Given by: Abah and Mama

Kelebihan: The other option is expensive.

Kekurangan: You have to pay for transportation yourself. So try not to exhaust all most of your husband’s savings on diamond rings and hantarans and baju kawin and videography etc etc… because he’s the one paying for the trip too. It’s part of the pre-nuptial agreement, duh.


Item: Sandwich maker

Given by: Awanis (and Asa, although he probably doesn’t know it)

Kelebihan: Useful when you are oncall and has a baby husband at home that needs his regular feeding

Kekurangan: You still have to prepare the inti for your husband who, after only 6 months of marriage, somehow lost all his cooking skills. (Dulu time mengorat bukan main…siap hidang kat Kekla depan tv...ngade ngade betul laki aku ni)


Item: Nintendo Wii

Given by: Jek and Na

Kelebihan: It’s super fun.

Kekurangan: When u work as a houseman, you are too tired to play it!


Item: Bedcover

Given by: Those who matter

Kelebihan: If you get too many, you can recycle them as gifts for other people

Kekurangan: You just couldn’t give them away because they are too nice. At the same time, you don’t use them because they are too nice. So where are they? Nicely stacked in the cupboard!



~nasrah~ said...

aku bg kasih sayang hg tak mention pon..bila PA abah hg ni nk on duty blk ni..hahaha..

i miss u beb!

wan syamir said...

ceh....26 perkataan ja nak describe adiah jek ngan na...caitttttt haha

wan syamir said...

kekla lupaaa..satu lagi adiah dari jek.... jek balik malaysia untuk kenduri walaupon exam tu minggu depan tu...

aween lia-na said...

laa sikit socotek tu ja describe adiah kita abenjek?